Short Movie:


Feature Script:


The Filmmaker

Thom Jensen is a Writer, Director, Makeup Effects and Prop Artist.


On Going Production:

I am producing a Youtube webseries titled: Egghead FX. It is an instructional channel geared toward aspiring makeup effects artist. I have over 60 videos up and hope to eventually have 70+ videos in the next couple years. Our channel teaches indepth instruction on all aspects of makeup effects. Our goal is to explain in detail techniques for molding, casting, sculpting and application

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In Production:

Feature Script, AmmonDexter (romantic comedy) is ready for production. AmmonDexter was nominated for Best Script in the 2017 Utah Film Awards.

AmmonDexter Logline: A heart broken man and his timid new friend go on a quest to return a lost purse, the problems they encounter open new opportunities for them to find love.

Thom Jensen
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