Thom Jensen

Writer/Director/Effects Artist

~ 8 Utah Film Award Nominations ~


Robberettes (short comedy)

What if robbing a home could rob you of your past?

Utah Film Award Nomination 2020:

Script, Score, Supporting Actress

Deseretscape International Film Festival 2020:  Script: Semi-Finalist

Robbering (short comedy)

Accidentally robbing an x-girlfriends apartment, it's time to steal back your own stuff.

Zombie Girlfriend (short comedy)

Webseries test pilot for Disney. Teenagers in a zombie apocalypse. Funded by: Maker Studios

The Creative Process...

I am a multi-disciplinary artist. I love working with other artists in a creative environment. I have found that having a diverse film background gives me a better sense of the entire filmmaking process. I am confident working as a director, writer or in other supportive roles.





Effects Artist

The foundation of any movie is the story. I have written six features scripts and 50+ shorts. My strengths are in comedy, drama and sci-fi.

Having a clear vision of the project is as important as watching the script evolve while the actors bring the story to life.

I have worked with most off-line editing systems. Editing is one of my favorite parts of post-production. I enjoy compiling a story and watching it unfold during editing.

I started in Makeup effects as a teenager. Art comes natural to me. I feel my effects background gives me a better since of composition when directing a shot.

2017 to 2020 total of 8 Nominations:

3X Best Short Script, Best Short Movie, 2X Best Supporting Actor,

Best Feature Script, Music Score