Thom Jensen

Award Winning: Writer/Director/Effects Artist/Inventor

Founder of Egghead Films

Thom has a BA from the University of Utah in Film Production. He has been a filmmaker for over 20 years. His feels just as comfortable behind a camera as he does creating makeup and practical effects. Thom often serves as producer, director and writer on many of his productions.

Thom also has a gift for producing instructional and informational videos. Thom can hightly your product in a way that can make it easy to understand while being very informative. Thom is also an inventor himself, known for the hit ASOTV product, "The Perfect Bacon Bowl".

Thom's resume:


Some of Thom's accomplishments

* Nominee for Best Feature Film and short film in the 2018 Utah Film Awards

* Nominee for Best Short Script in the 2019 Utah Film Awards

* Writer/ Director/ Effects Artist for over 20 years

* Inventor of an ASOTV Product, The Perfect Bacon Bowl.

Script. Produce. Edit. Effects.