Thom's Scripts

Below are Loglines from scripts I have completed and some in development.

If you have questions or would like to colobrate on a project, please reach out.

AmmonDexter (Feature Script)  Official Selection- Utah Film Festival

Logline: A heart broken man and his timid new friend go on an adventure to return a lost purse, the problems they encounter open new opportunities for them to find love.

Life Support Remaining (Feature Script)  Official Selection- Utah Film Festival

Logline: With crew dead, Levi travels alone to a distant star to colonize a planet. Struggling with loneliness, he finds an unlikely companion as the ships life support clock counts down.

LifeTimes (TV Pilot)  Won Best Short Script - Utah Film Festival

Logline: A lonely widow of 20 years finds a locket from her dead inventor husband that allows her to travel through dimensions of her own lifetime. She realizes that her husband is not dead but lost in time. To find her love she may have to kill herself a thousand times.

Vampire Drama Series (TV Pilot - in Development)

Logline: We are pilgrims from a distant decaying world. Thousands of years we have followed the tribes of man and animal. We would never grow old if we feed from the blood of this world.